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Impression Cymbals logo

Percussion Plus is pleased to announce that they have gained sole distribution rights for a new range of genuine handmade cymbals from Turkey.

14 " Jazz Hi Hats (PP2673)

Impression Cymbals are manufactured using only traditional methods, ie. coal, wood and hammers with no machines automating the hammering.

14" Dark Hi Hats (PP2753)

Many modern manufacturers sell hand hammered cymbals out of the front door whilst they have machines automating the hammering of the cymbals in the back room but not with Impression cymbals. The artisans that make these are dedicated to the unwavering high quality of manufacturing that only true hand hammering can produce.

13" Traditional Hi Hats (PP2419)

This dedication to tradition and craftsmanship can be heard in every cymbal with each one having its own unique sound and playing characteristics that make it a truly one of a kind cymbal.

The cymbals were reviewed in the August 2011 edition of Jazzwise Magazine and described as "cymbals which ooze quality and compare favourably with other models two or three times the price". Another recent review in Drummer Magazine stated, "if you are looking for bespoke, individual, genuine cymbals, at a good price, then these are certainly worthy of consideration".

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Impression cymbals being played