Horizontal washboard

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  • Quality traditional washboard
  • Metal corrugated surface on sturdy wooden frame
  • Handmade in UK by craftsmen in Percussion Plus workshops
  • Features attached bell and woodblock
  • Hang from the neck with strap and play horizontally
  • Comes complete with thimbles
Product description×

The Percussion Plus PP1081 Horizontal Washboard

The PP1081 washboard is for anyone as reading music is not a requirement, you just need the enthusiasm to make it! Simply drag your dominant hand across the board for the strong beats, and tap with your other hand in-between to create your first pattern. You can also use wooden spoons or drum sticks to create different sounds, whichever suits your style best.

The woodblock and bell are there as starters, however there is room for more. With the addition of horns, tin cans, cymbals and whistles, you can really make this instrument your own.

The Percussion Plus washboard is the perfect addition to any folk ensemble. Whether you are a professional bluegrass ensemble or a budding new skiffle band, this instrument will add a variety of fun sounds and rhythms. It is also extremely sturdy, whilst also being light enough to comfortably support with the strap whilst playing.

Extra percussion

The attached woodblock and bell give great options for added sounds. Use alongside your washboard rhythm for an extra percussive depth, or smatter your sound to emphasise sections of music - it really is up to your personal style. To strike these extra percussion elements, simply use the thimbles provided, or if you prefer you can use drum sticks, brushes, pens, toothbrushes or anything you can find round the house!

Thimbles included

For those who prefer a more tactile approach to playing the washboard, we have provided a set of 6 thimbles to scrape and tap with. You may choose to use sticks or brushes, all of which creates a different sound. It's all down to personal preference and your own style of playing - have fun with it!

Strap in!

The included strap can be adjusted to be suited and comfortable for any player. A simple, sturdy design, it perfectly supports the board whether you are playing standing or sitting.

Fun Fact

Playing the washboard as a percussion instrument is believed to have derived from the practice of "˜hamboning"™, which came to America from West Africa. This involved rhythmic dancing and chanting as well as beating out rhythms. The use of washboards as percussion instruments has continued and is seen in genres such as folk and bluegrass.