Percussion Plus Harmony diatonic xylophone pack

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  • One of each: soprano, alto and bass diatonic xylophones supplied
  • Solid ply resonator box
  • Storage box on xylophones to hold the Bb and F# notebars
  • New 2020 specification
  • Prime quality removable Paduk notebars
  • Extremely accurate intonation
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This excellent value pack contains the following Percussion Plus Harmony xylophones: PP7023 - soprano diatonic (range: C52 - A73) PP7025 - alto diatonic (range: C40 - A61) PP7027 - bass diatonic (range: C28 - A49) The xylophones are fitted with prime quality removable paduk notebars with a storage box on these instruments to house the Bb and F# notebars which are supplied with the diatonic xylophones.