Izzo Timbra premium timbal with 16 hooks – multicoloured design

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  • 14'' x 90cm timbal
  • Made from reinforced aluminium and a handmade skin
  • Given an anti-corrosion treatment
  • Features an anti-vibration nut
  • Decorated in a colourful pattern
  • Perfect for very high tuning
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Introducing the Izzo Timbra premium timbal with 16 hooks – multicoloured design

By the top brand Timbra, these eye-catching, wonderfully decorated timbals are designed to create crisp and clear slaps, powerful open tones and rich bass sounds.

They’re made from reinforced aluminium, which has received an anti-corrosion treatment, meaning they’ll last a long time. They also feature an anti-vibration nut and a double reinforcement system, which makes them highly durable. Plus, they have handmade skins, which creates a specific “Timbra” sound that can only be produced with the high quality craftsmanship and care that Timbra puts into their products.

This timbal is a versatile, vibrant and unique instrument. It’s perfect for those who want to try playing something new, or for students who are experimenting with the world of music.

Tune your timbal really high

Unlike the traditional 8 hook timbal, the shell on this drum is built to handle extremely high tuning, since the force that develops when tuning a timbal is more evenly distributed over the shell when more hooks are used. Timbra timbals also have an additional reinforcement on the inside, for even better distribution of pressure.

These high pitched sounds have been played and popularised by Axé-Pop bands, Brazilian samba, Latin rock and reggae, which makes this instrument a great learning tool for students discovering music from other cultures.

Size14'' head x 90 cm high
ShellReinforced aluminium
Weight5.5 kg