Izzo mini 8'' repinique

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  • Powerful aluminium repinique drum
  • 8" head diameter
  • 30cm height
  • Authentic Brazilian instrument manufactured in famous Sao Paolo factory
  • High-pitched tone, close to tamborim
  • Small and lightweight, great for school samba classes
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Introducing the Izzo mini 8'' repinique

This repinique drum is a crucial component of many samba ensembles. With a typically loud, high-pitched and vibrant tone, repiniques (sometimes known as repiques) are often used to lead samba performances. This compact repinique packs a powerful punch, delivering the signature crisp and vibrant tones that define traditional samba music, but at a smaller size than a traditional repinique drum.

Powerful and practical

This 8" repinique (also referred to as a bacurinha) is smaller than a standard, making it a convenient tool for schools or music hubs, with increased portability and playability for younger, smaller students. Nonetheless, with its smart nylon head and aluminium shell, it will still deliver a tone that cuts through any texture with aplomb!

The Izzo brand - authentic but affordable

The Izzo brand represents authentic Brazilian percussion and is widely regarded as one of the top instrument manufacturers in Brazilian Samba. Hailing from Sao Paulo, Izzo have been producing a wide range of high quality instruments for over 60 years, and we are proud to say we are the sole importers of Izzo products.

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Shell materialAluminium
Head materialNylon
Tension rods5
Length of rods33cm
Height of shell30cm
Finishbrushed / matt