Izzo cuica head 8''

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  • Natural rawhide drum head
  • Sturdy aluminium rim
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Replacement heads for cuica drums
  • Creates a powerful, resonant tone
  • Wood stick tied to the head
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Introducing the Izzo cuica head 8''

This Izzo replacement drum head is designed for cuica drums and provides an authentic, resonant sound. Made from natural rawhide with a solid aluminium rim, this drum head is ideal for schools and music education groups that want to keep spares or to make sure that their percussion instruments are in excellent working condition.

The cuica drum

The 'cuica' is a Brazilian friction drum, which is a unique instrument that has a large pitch range controlled by the player via a large stick fixed to the centre of the drum head. The stick is rosined and rubbed with a damp cloth, which is what allows it to produce the distinct sound.

Diameter:8" (20cm)
Drum head material:Hide