Izzo Street samba pack for 10 players

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  • Great quality, light weight starter pack
  • Packs available for 10, 20, or 30 players
  • Authentic Brazilian instruments manufactured in famous Sao Paolo factory
  • Includes FREE Beatlife - playing and teaching samba book
  • *Temporary image for reference* The drums supplied will be Izzo street samba drums
  • *Contents of the pack may vary slightly depending on stock availability*
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Introducing the Izzo samba street pack for 10 players

Please note: the image used is for reference purposes ONLY. It shows the correct pack setup (including all auxiliary percussion) however the drums will match the look and construction of Izzo Street Samba drums.

The Izzo Samba pack is designed to be used by 10 players and contains everything you need to play and teach samba music, all in one convenient package.

The Samba pack is great for classroom use, providing students with an immersive and engaging musical experience, encouraging team work and collaboration, while also opening the door for students to explore and appreciate the diverse cultural elements embedded within this genre.

To make teaching samba even more efficient, the pack comes with a FREE copy of 'The Beatlife - playing and teaching samba' book which covers different samba instruments, rhythms and arrangements, along with guided tutorials on how to effectively teach samba in the classroom.

The Izzo brand

The Izzo brand represents authentic Brazilian percussion and is widely regarded as one of the top instrument manufacturers in Brazilian Samba. Hailing from Sao Paulo, Izzo have been producing a wide range of high quality instruments for over 60 years, and we are proud to say we are the sole importers of Izzo products.

This pack includes:

1x Nesting set of a 10” repinque and 14” and 16” surdos

The surdo is a large cylindrical drum with a deep shell. It is played in a variety of ways and most often with one soft padded beater and an open hand to dampen the sound, or alternatively with two beaters in either hand. The shell of the drum is made with aluminium, both adding to the sound and the durability of the instrument.

The repinique, a medium-sized cylindrical drum, adds a lively and dynamic voice to the Samba ensemble. Also known as repique, repeke or reps, the repinique is played with one hard drumstick and an open hand, delivering crisp and resonant tones. For more intricate rhythms and versatility, some drummers employ the traditional technique of using one stick in each hand. The repinique is worn from a shoulder strap, usually around waist high and slightly tilted to the player’s right side.

4x Double agogo bells

The agogo bells are pairs of differently pitched metal funnel shaped bells, one high and one low, that are played with a wooden stick and create melodic accents with a distinct, lively sound.

2x Tamborims

*Colour varies according to stock*

The tamborim, a small single-headed drum held in one hand, adds intricate and lively rhythms to the Samba ensemble. It is played using a double or triple pronged stick or whip, allowing for precise and vibrant percussive patterns. The player holds the tamborim with one hand whilst using the stick in their dominant hand.

FREE Beatlife Book - Playing and Teaching Samba

Split into 4 sections, this book covers different samba instruments, rhythms and arrangements as well as advice on how to deliver a workshop or lesson with an appendices containing a teachers guide, glossary and pages on how to create your own rhythms.

There are also 6 different samba rhythms broken down into basic and advanced versions with step by step recorded examples, making this ideal for classroom use.

3x Izzo samba nylon belt

For the full samba playing experience, this pack includes the Izzo samba nylon belt which is ideal for supporting the larger drums. It Is strong and sturdy and the adjusters allow the player to fit it for maximum comfort and ease of use, meaning you can move as you play.

2x Izzo samba stick – double pronged

These double pronged plastic samba sticks are particularly suited to the smaller tamborims and pandeiros but can be used for most samba drums in general. Their light, flexible design ensures a fast whipping action that produces a crisp, loud and clear tone.

1x Drum sticks pair – 5A

The 5A drumsticks are made from good quality white maple with tear drop shaped wooden tips and a small body making them lightweight and easy to use.

  • 1x Izzo Samba whistle with cord
  • The samba whistle makes a loud, high-pitched sound and is perfect for setting the pace of the piece, signalling a change, or to simply get everyone's attention.

    2x Bass drum beater

    This beater is perfect for use with surdos and other large samba drums. While plastic beaters provide a sharp crack of sound, these beaters generate the thudding heartbeat at the core of samba music.

    Included in this pack:10" repinque
    14" and 15" surdo with beaters
    4x double agogo bells
    2x tamborims
    The Beatlife book - playing and teaching samba
    3x Nylon belt
    1x samba whistle with cord
    2x samba stick - double prong
    1x drum sticks pair - 5A