Steel Pan Method Book 3

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  • CD backing tracks included
  • Explains music theory, notation and steel drum vocabulary
  • Suitable for individual or group learning
  • Three part series specifically created for Jumbie Jam
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A method book series designed for the Jumbie Jam teaching basic to intermediate music playing skills and theory. It introduces the JJ the same way a new music student would learn any other instrument. The student learns to play songs on the JJ while also learning to read traditional music notation. This is aided by the accompaniment CD which, with one track for each song containing the steel pan part and one without, can also be used for performances.

The series provides a solid foundation in steel pan technique and a logical progression of challenges for developing music reading. The songs are popular melodies that are learned on many other instruments but have been specifically arranged for the JJ. There are also 2 original compositions in each book that focus on specific musical and or technical elements. It can be used for other instruments.

Series of three method books sold separately. Fantastic for K-8 General Music Classrooms, Music Academies, Community Arts & Music Programs, Private & Group Lessons. Difficulty Level: Low

About the Author - Scott Johnson composes music for steel pan and other instruments. Scott teaches percussion through his music lesson studio Upbeat Music, located in Chicago. With the creation of the Jumbie Jam Steel Pan, Scott now has the perfect beginning instrument to introduce steel pan to his students.