Classic Red Box bass diatonic metallophone

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  • High quality steel notebars
  • Solid Poplar wood frame
  • Precisely tuned to A440
  • With a sprayed red finish
  • Versatile for use in a school environment
  • Pair with the PP022 to make a full chromatic instrument
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Introducing the Percussion Plus Classic Red Box bass diatonic metallophone

Manufactured by Percussion Plus, this strong and incredibly sturdy bass metallophone gives a deep, consistent and resonant sound. Their excellent tuning, stability and robustness makes them ideal for classroom environments, such as school ensembles, music lessons or band clubs.

The note bars are mounted to a highly durable and vibrantly coloured frame, which is designed to allow the sound to carry exceptionally well. Like all the other models in the Percussion Plus Classic Red Box line-up, the bass metallophone has precision cut tone bars for exceptionally accurate tuning.

It includes 2 F# note bars and 1 Bb note bar to allow playing in F major, G major and C major. Comes with beaters.

Create a fully chromatic instrument

Pair the PP021 with the PP022 chromatic half base metallophone to make a fully chromatic metallophone.

Please note: the PP022 is sold separately

Built with quality materials

This versatile, well-designed instrument is made with the highest quality materials, so that it can handle being in a school environment. It’s made from steel and solid Poplar wood, which will last for many years.

About the Percussion Plus Red Box range

We have been successfully selling Percussion Plus instruments for nearly 30 years. Instruments in the Red Box range are all completed to the highest standard, and extra care has been taken to ensure that they’re tuned to the pitch standard A440. Thanks to their reliability and high quality, they’ve always been a very popular choice with players and schools.

This range is easy to recognise, with its signature sprayed red finish to identify them as a genuine Percussion Plus product.