Classic Red Box diatonic bass xylophone

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  • Ideal for ensembles or in a classroom environment
  • Note bars are mounted onto a vibrant, solid Poplar wood frame
  • Xylophone Bass Diatonic (C28-A49), with 3 extra notes (2xF# & 1xBb)
  • Spare notebars - MS1006
Product description×
The bass xylophone is a wonderfully deep, resonant instrument. Mounted on a wooden frame produced from selected, solid wood the sound reverberates and carries exceptionally well. Like all the other models in the Percussion Plus Classic Red Box line-up, the bass has precision cut tone bars for exceptionally accurate tuning and the quality of sound is superb.

It is certainly worth mentioning that this model comes complete with 3 extra notes, 2 x F# and 1 x Bb, so as well as playing in the key of C you can also change to the key of F and G major.

Flats and sharps not included. Combine with the PP028 for a fully chromatic scale. 
Note rangeC28 "“ A49
Additional notes suppliedF#34, F#46, Bb38
DimensionsLength 87cm, Width 50cm, Height 35cm