Classic Red Box soprano fully chromatic glockenspiel - 1.5 octave

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  • 1.5 octave fully chromatic glockenspiel
  • With high quality steel notebars
  • Mounted on a red Poplar wooden base
  • Supplied with 2 beaters
  • Range C64 - A85
  • Spare notebars MS1002
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Introducing the Percussion Plus Classic Red Box soprano fully chromatic glockenspiel

This Percussion Plus instrument has been a well regarded and certainly popular model over the last 20 years. Here at Chamberlain Music, we have been successfully selling Percussion Plus instruments for nearly 30 years. Mounted on a wooden frame produced from selected, solid wood the sound reverberates and carries exceptionally well. Like all the other models in the Percussion Plus Classic Red Box line-up, this instrument has precision cut tone bars for exceptionally accurate tuning and the quality of sound is superb.

The sound is consistent and resonant. It has more than enough power for occasional use in the school band but it is also comparatively lightweight so it also works well in a classroom ensemble environment.

This instrument comes complete with 2 beaters and also comes complete with three extra notes, 2 x F# and 1 x Bb, so as well as playing in the key of C you can also change to the key of F and G major.

More about our Percussion Plus Red Box range

The Percussion Plus Red Box range instruments have all been completed to the highest standard. Extra care has been taken to ensure that the instruments have followed precise tuning control to A440 (pitch standard). They are also easy to recognise with the signature sprayed red finish to identify them as a genuine Percussion Plus product.

Thanks to their reliability and high quality, they have always been a very popular choice with players and particularly schools, for over 25 years. Their excellent tuning stability and their robustness mean they last very well in what can sometimes be a challenging environment within a school.