Rubber head beaters - medium

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  • 20mm medium rubber ball-shaped heads
  • Produces full clear tone without click
  • Particularly suited to chime bars
  • Lightweight black plastic shaft
Product description×
Each of these beaters features a small black rubber ball-shaped head with medium hardness on a 216mm stiff plastic stick. The size, weight, and hardness of this top makes it perfect for playing loud clear notes on small resonant percussion instruments such as chime bars. They are a little shorter and lighter than the PP056 hard rubber beaters so would be well suited to more agile melodic playing. The rubber has enough bounce to prevent percussive clicking on attack without deadening the resulting note"™s sustain.

Sold as a pair. 
Shaft length216mm
Shaft materialPlastic
Shaft diameter6mm
Head materialRubber
Head hardnessMedium
Head diameter20mm
Head colourBlack
Individual beater weight16g