Drum stick brick maple 5a - 12 pairs

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  • Ideal for students and beginners
  • Made from good quality white maple
  • Longer than 7A sticks and smaller than 5B sticks
  • Wooden tip adds a warm tone
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Sold as a bundle of 12 pairs (24 sticks in total)
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Introducing the Percussion Plus 5A drum sticks with wooden tips

These Percussion Plus student 5A drum sticks are supplied as a bundle of 12 pairs (24 sticks in total) and are ideal for beginners on a budget. They are made from a solid piece of good quality white maple and feature teardrop shaped wooden tips. These tips produce a warmer tone when playing hi-hat and ride cymbal patterns.

5A sticks are the most commonly used drumsticks worldwide and are suitable for most styles and genres, due to their impressive versatility. Plus, their small bodies make them lightweight and easy to use.

These drumsticks are slightly smaller in diameter than the 5B sticks, and slightly longer than 7A ones.

Great for schools

The 5A wooden drumsticks are a great tool for any classroom, as they’re durable, comfortable to hold, inexpensive, and able to withstand regular use. They are perfect for students with different levels of experience, making them suitable for all types of players.

This bundle is the most convenient and cost-effective way to buy larger quantities for your school.

If you are looking to purchase a single pair of 5A sticks, then you can find them here. To customise your order, simply select the desired number of 12 packs and add as many singles as you require.