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  • Barrel shaped
  • Two headed (9" Top head)
  • Tension rod tuning for easy tuning
  • Barrel shaped
  • Traditional South Asian instrument
  • High standard finish
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Introducing the traditional dholak drum

The dholak drum is a traditional South Asian two headed hand drum shaped like a barrel. The larger drum head tapers to a smaller head to create a variety of tones when playing.

It can be played in various positions but is usually seen being played whilst sitting.

Solid construction

Made from high quality wood, this dholak produces a strong and resonant sound - ideal for indoor or outdoor venues.

Our dholak comes with tension rod tuning for easy tuning. There is also a handle attached to the drum for ease of transport.

The finish

The quality and well coloured wood is finished with an intricately beautiful engraving pattern to help you, and your drum, stand out.