Talking drum

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  • Beautifully crafted with an embossed brass shell
  • Hourglass shaped two headed drum
  • Laced together with rope or leather
  • Supplied with a bag and a mallet
  • 20cm diameter x 25cm height
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Introducing the Percussion Plus Talking Drum

Discover the unique sound of the talking drum, one of West Africa's oldest musical instruments. Traditionally used for communication across long distances, the talking drum is known for its unique ability to mimic the tone, rhythms and inflections of human speech, making for a great, unique sound in musical performances.

Playing the Talking Drum

Held under the arm or hung over the shoulder, the talking drum comes to life as the player strikes it with a curved stick or mallet. By squeezing the tension ropes, the drum's tone varies, allowing for a wide range of possibilities.

Exquisite design

Crafted from embossed brass, the drum's shell boasts an exquisite look, making it a visual delight both on display and during performances. The use of brass also adds to the rich, resonance produced when playing the drum.

With a compact size of 20cm in diameter and 25cm in height, the talking drum is the perfect size for easy transportation and convenient storage.