18" tuneable Bodhran

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  • Lightweight and sturdy build quality
  • Supplied with a beater/bone
  • Traditional design
  • Includes carry case
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Introducing the 18" bodhran

This bodhran from is a genuine hand-crafted Irish drum, supplied with traditional style tipper and a quality bag. This model is tuneable, so you can stretch or relax the drum head to fine tune the tone of the drum.

Traditional playing methods

A Bodhran is an Irish frame drum that is believed to have evolved from the tambourine, however more recently popularised due to the resurgence of Irish traditional music. The Bodhran is traditionally played using a lathe-turned piece of wood called a bone or tipper (pictured above), and can also be played using a modern brush stick, or even your bare hands.

Quality construction and finish

A solid construction and well-built inner frame allows the player to confidently grip the drum to produce a precise and resonant tone. The natural skin drum is evenly stretched for accurate tone production and for a long life.