Wooden slide swanee whistle

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  • Natural whistle with hand operated slide
  • Great fun classroom instrument
  • Decorated with 5 coloured stripes on the body
  • One octave range between F-F approximately
  • Produced entirely from solid wood
  • Previously known as YPC17
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This item from Percussion Plus is a good quality, solid wood 'Swanee' whistle which has a range of one octave starting approximately from the F above middle C. It is lots of fun to play and a great way to introduce children to exploring different pitches.

Play the instrument by blowing the whistle while adjusting the length of the slide. Extend the slide with your hand to produce a lower pitch, and push it back in to raise the pitch. When fully extended, the whistle is 23cm in length and it is decorated with 5 coloured stripes situated at the base of the main body.

Please note: These items are musical instruments, and as such are intended for use under adult supervision.