Acme Crow and rook call whistle

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  • Realistic bird call sound
  • Made from black plastic with keyring attachment
  • Handy for wildlife photographers
  • Mimics the rasping call of a crow or rook with great volume and power
  • Made in the UK by Acme Whistles for Percussion Plus
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Introducing the Acme crow and rook call whistle

The Acme PP156 whistle accurately mimics the rasping call of a crow with great volume and power. It is also possible to produce a higher pitched crow cry with the same authentic tone. All Acme calls are hand-tuned and great fun for all ages.

This crow and rook whistle is a popular addition to school orchestras and musical groups globally but can also be used by photographers or hunters looking for a decoy.

Made in the UK

Acme whistles are manufactured in Birmingham and were carefully developed over a number of years. Outstanding craftsmanship and strict quality testing ensure every whistle is of the highest standard.

Sound Sample

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