Acme brass clicker - nickel plated

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  • Makes a firm clicking noise
  • Made from brass with a nickel-plated finish
  • Initially a children's toy
  • Then used as a time-keeper in jazz bands
  • Eventually conscripted for use in WWII - signalling to friendly troops
  • Made in the UK by Acme Whistles for Percussion Plus
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Introducing the Acme brass clicker - nickel plated

The brass clicker is a small object with a rich history. Initially intended as a simplistic children's toy, it was quickly adopted by musicians as a metronome of sorts, helping to keep jazz bands in time.

The D-Day clicker

Perhaps most famously, the brass clicker was conscripted into the D-Day landings as a signaller to friendly troops under the cover of dark, earning it the nickname 'D-Day clicker' or 'landing clicker'. A beautifully evocative vintage item, this clicker makes a great gift for any history buff!

Hand made in the UK

To this day Acme police whistles are manufactured in Birmingham using the original techniques and machinery from the 1800s. Outstanding craftsmanship and strict quality testing ensure every whistle is of the highest standard.

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