Acme Signal horn with standard mouthpiece - black plastic

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  • Loud and bold sounding horn
  • Moulded, shatterproof and extremely tough
  • Very loud and far carrying frequency
  • All metal hand tuned reed, standard mouthpiece included
  • Ideal emergency fog horn for small craft, conforming to maritime regulations
  • Made in the UK by Acme Whistles for Percussion Plus
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Introducing the Acme Signal horn with standard mouthpiece - black plastic

This signal horn is an excellent utility for sailors, railway workers and - on the opposite end of the spectrum - stage performers and music teachers!

Sturdy and powerful

Extremely tough and corrosion proof, it produces a penetrating blast; over 122 decibels of sound. It's audible at great distances, conforms to international maritime regulations, and is an ideal emergency fog horn for a small craft or for workers in airfields and on railways.

Adaptable for education

A simple horn like this is also brilliant for teaching the basics of breath control needed for woodwind and brass playing. You'll have younger students excited by the strength of sound they can make in no time, with an all metal hand tuned reed ensuring very strong resonance.

Hand made in the UK

To this day Acme police whistles are manufactured in Birmingham using the original techniques and machinery from the 1800s. Outstanding craftsmanship and strict quality testing ensure every whistle is of the highest standard.

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