Acme Tornado whistle

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  • Produces a loud, high pitched sound
  • Made from a durable plastic in black finish
  • Great for teachers, trainers, hikers and more
  • Powerful and resonant
  • Made in the UK by Acme Whistles for Percussion Plus
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Introducing the Acme Tornado whistle

The Acme Tornado whistle produces a loud, resonant sound that is high pitched and full of vibrancy. It’s constructed using solid plastic, which makes it suitable for use in any weather condition. This powerful whistle will ensure that you can be heard, even from extremely far away.

It’s the perfect instrument for a number of different situations, such as hikes, school sports days, dog walks, use as a sound effect in recordings, and much more.

Hand made in the UK

To this day Acme whistles are manufactured in Birmingham using the original techniques and machinery from the 1800s. Outstanding craftsmanship and strict quality testing ensure every whistle is of the highest standard.


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