Percussion Plus Honestly Made kente maraca

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  • Part of the Percussion Plus Honestly Made range of musical instruments, produced ethically in developing nations
  • Crafted in Ghana using traditional materials and methods
  • Decorated with colourful kente cloth
  • Engages young musicians
  • Produces a light and natural rattling sound
  • Responsibly sourced
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Introducing the Percussion Plus Honestly Made kente maraca

From the Percussion Plus Honestly Made range, this fun West African maraca is made using televi nuts from Ghana. The nut is fixed to the handle and decorated with colourful kente, which is the local cloth.

The material at the top of the maraca makes it more visually and texturally engaging for young musicians, and it has a perfectly balanced design, making it easy to hold and play. This percussion instrument produces a satisfying, light and natural rattling sound.

Each maraca is hand made using traditional materials and methods. See below for more information about the Honestly Made range of instruments from Percussion Plus.

These items are musical instruments not toys and there may be small parts on or in some of them. Younger players should use them under supervision.

The cultural significance of kente cloth

Kente is a fabric native to the Akan tribe; every aspect of its design is intended as a form of communication. For example, the colours of the cloth each have their own symbolic meaning, such as gold for serenity, green for renewal, and blue for harmony.

This aspect of the maraca makes it more than just an instrument, as it’s also a way to teach children about the cultural significance of music, clothing and colours in West Africa, inspiring them to discover more about the world around them.