Rainbow xylophone - 1 octave (8 bars)

1 octave (8 bars)
2 octaves (15 bars)
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  • Supplied with two plastic mallets
  • Colour coded with letters printed on each key for easy learning
  • Helps children develop motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination
  • For educational use
  • Part of the Percussion Plus Colour Matching Note System
  • 2 sizes available
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Introducing the Rainbow xylophone

This vibrant xylophone is perfect for use in the classroom as it has brightly-coloured keys with letters printed on each one for easy learning. Using the colour-coded keys will aid note recognition and make learning music both easy and fun for children at school.

Each xylophone is supplied with two mallets which are used to strike the keys, helping children to develop motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. Also, the instrument produces a clear, bright sound due to the high-quality solid wood used in its construction.

The Percussion Plus Rainbow xylophone would make a great gift to introduce children to the creativity of music-making and is available in 2 sizes, with either 8 or 15 keys.

The Percussion Plus Orchestra

Teaching a full class of young musicians is rewarding, but when everyone is playing different instruments we know it can be a challenge. One of the most attractive features of these Rainbow xylophones is their compatibility with a range of other classroom instruments. Each of the keys are vibrantly coloured according to our colour matching note system, which means that anyone can enjoy playing without requiring any knowledge of musical notation.

The Rainbow xylophone is colour-coded to match the following products:

So, what are you waiting for - start your Percussion Plus Orchestra today!

PP30088 keys (1 octave, C to C)
PP301515 keys (2 octaves, C to C)