Honestly Made Bamboo bird whistle

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  • Crafted in Thailand using traditional materials and methods
  • High pitched, slide whistle tone
  • Produced from solid bamboo
  • Great value product for schools
  • Approximately 18cm in length
  • Responsibly sourced
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Introducing the Percussion Plus Honestly Made Bamboo bird whistle

This slide whistle from the Percussion Plus Honestly Made range is a naturally made instrument, mimicking the high-pitched warbles of birds. Made in Thailand from sustainably sourced bamboo, it is a great value instrument for the classroom, music therapy sessions, or just for fun.

To play, blow into the tip and slide the stick up and down to change pitch. Slide slowly for a classic comic sound effect, or rapidly to produce a chirp like bird sound. And if you are really skilled, it is even possible to play a tune!

These Bird whistles from Thailand are sourced using Fair trade principles. See below for more information about the Honestly Made range of musical instruments from Percussion Plus.

These items are musical instruments not toys and there may be small parts on or in some of them. Younger players should use them under supervision.

Sustainably sourced bamboo

By using a fast-growing material such as bamboo, the production of these whistles prevents lasting damage to established hardwood forests. It also helps to keep the costs down to ensure the best value possible.