Honestly Made Coconut painted thumb piano

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  • Part of the Percussion Plus Honestly Made range of musical instruments, produced ethically in developing nations
  • Crafted in Bali using traditional materials and methods
  • Rich, resonant and calming tone
  • Attractive, hand-painted design
  • Perfect for music therapy
  • Colour may vary from that pictured
  • Responsibly sourced
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Introducing the Percussion Plus Honestly Made Coconut painted thumb piano

This thumb piano, or ‘kalimba’, from the Percussion Plus Honestly Made range is crafted from the shell of a coconut for increased resonance. Each kalimba is hand painted with a highly decorative ‘dotted’ design for a unique, colourful look.

The characteristic, relaxing sound of the thumb piano is produced by striking the metal prongs (also known as ‘tines’) with your thumbs. The 7 tines on this instrument can be played in varying combinations to create your own sound.

These thumb pianos are made using sustainable resources and are sourced using Fair trade principles. See below for more information about the Honestly Made range of musical instruments from Percussion Plus.

These items are musical instruments not toys and there may be small parts on or in some of them. Younger players should use them under supervision.

Playing the Kalimba

To play, use your thumbs to apply downward pressure on the tip of the tines. Using force will result in a powerful ‘twang’; a soft stroke produces a rich and calm tone, resonating through the coconut shell.

Tune the tines

The tines are tuneable using the metal screws holding them in place. Tighten to raise the pitch and loosen to lower - just make sure not to loosen too far! Utilise this to match the pitch in an ensemble, recording session, or just to vary your sound.