Andy Gleadhill's Percussion Buddies Book

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  • Involves organising the class into 'buddy' pairs
  • Limited school funding will go twice as far!
  • Method is effective even if resources are limited
  • New class percussion teacher reference book by Andy Gleadhill
  • Provides examples of patterns and rhythms suitable for all percussion instruments
  • Shows teachers how to involve every student fully in class instrument lessons
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Class ensemble teaching expert Andy Gleadhill's new "Percussion Buddies" book shows you how to deliver effective whole class instrumental lessons, even if you don't have the budget to buy a main instrument for each pupil.

The principle is simple: the class is divided into pairs (or threes, or fours), with each small group sharing a main instrument and one or more percussion instruments. Whatever the instrument or musical style that is being taught and however limited your resources, the Percussion Buddies approach enables you to engage the whole class throughout each lesson and teach ensemble playing skills, basic notation and the elements of music.

The book shows you how each percussion instrument should be played and explains how to implement the approach in the classroom. Examples are provided of different patterns and rhythms that percussion buddies can perform along with whatever main instrument is being taught and QR links to online video and audio examples make this truly accessible to music teachers and and class teachers. No prior music teaching experience is assumed.

There's a selection of audio and video clips available online that further support teacher and pupils by giving practical demonstrations of the techniques and pieces covered in the Guide.