World rhythm pack

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  • 17 different percussion items
  • All items are available to purchase individually
  • Comes in a sturdy storage box
  • Traditional sounding instruments make them ideal for educational purposes
  • Contents may vary slightly due to availability
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Introducing the Percussion Plus world rhythm pack

The Percussion Plus world rhythm pack includes 17 different sounds from cultures across the globe. Inside your large study plastic storage box comes a range of percussion instruments to be shaken, scraped, rattled and hit. Perfect for school music rooms and music clubs/workshops, this world rhythm pack from Percussion Plus is a great introduction to sounds, rhythms and instruments from around the world.

This pack typically contains the following:

  • 1 x PP621 Inca clay painted ocarina
  • 1 x PP623 Wooden frog guiro with scraper
  • 1 x PP626 Large pangi seed shaker with handle
  • 1 x PP2066 Seed jungle shaker with handle
  • 1 x PP652 Single caxixi seed shaker
  • 1 x PP653 Double caxixi seed shaker
  • 1 x PP629 Bamboo guiro with scraper
  • 1 x PP3047 Balinese thunder shaker - small
  • 1 x PP6630 Slap Djembe 6" pretuned
  • 1 x PP2076 Gourd cabasa
  • 1 x PP2801 Slapstick whipcrack
  • 1 x PP637 Monkey drum - small
  • 2 x PP622 Single coconut maraca
  • 1 x PP632 Painted rainstick
  • 1 x PP863 Antara 13 note pan pipes
  • 1 x PP694 30 litre storage carton

Please note: contents may vary due to availability.