Honestly Made Double coconut seed shaker

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  • Part of the Percussion Plus Honestly Made range of musical instruments, produced ethically in developing nations
  • Crafted in Ghana using traditional materials and methods
  • Varied percussive shaker tone
  • Easy to grip in the centre for all hand sizes
  • Baskets woven from straw with red coconut ends
  • Responsibly sourced
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Introducing the Percussion Plus Honestly Made Double coconut seed shaker

The double coconut seed shaker from Percussion Plus is a fun, traditional instrument with two baskets, woven from straw, producing a varied tone. The baskets each play host to a polished coconut shell and are connected via an integrated straw handle, allowing easy gripping for vigorous shaking.

Each basket is filled with natural seeds and has a warm red coconut end, creating a varied tone. Its solid background tone with punchy accents make this shaker the perfect addition to any African drum ensemble, or as an alternative shaker in any percussionist’s collection, whatever the style or genre.

This double coconut seed shaker is sourced responsibly using Fair trade principles. See below for more information about the Honestly Made range of musical instruments from Percussion Plus.

These items are musical instruments, not toys, and there may be small parts on or in some of them. Younger players should use them under supervision.

The full range of sounds

To play, simply grip in the centre and shake up and down for a background tone. You can produce hard accents by shaking the beads against the hard coconut ends. For even more sounds just vary your shaking style - swirl the baskets round, roll it between your fingers or spin them round, use your imagination and have fun!

Made using traditional methods

These shakers are made by hand by independent makers in Ghana, using sustainable resources and traditional methods. Each instrument is unique and always built to the highest standard.