Slap Djembe - Carnival, pre-tuned - 10 pack

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  • Pretuned
  • Lightweight synthetic shell
  • Synthetic drum heads with screen-printed surface
  • Heat sealed cotton cloth exterior
  • Deluxe rubber no-scuff base
  • Supplied with clip on carrying strap attached to fixed metal hoops
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Introducing the Percussion Plus Slap Djembe pack - pretuned

Djembes have become extremely popular in recent years, with classes starting up in schools, universities, music hubs, and local community centres. The interactive nature of learning djembe drumming not only makes for fantastic music education for youngsters, but also a great therapeutic activity for all ages.

Slap djembes are well known for their ease of play, lightweight portability, and impressive sound. They also stand out with their colourful designs, finely tuned drum heads, and durability, making them an excellent choice for group sessions, performances and demonstrations.

Our pretuned djembes are sleek, easy to use and great value products. They are the ideal instrument for younger school groups, and provide a simple and affordable way into drumming for groups of all ages and experience levels!

There is a 10 pack and a 15 pack available with a selection of 8”, 10” and 12” drums, along with one Slap Djembe book (see specifications for full pack details). You can purchase multiple packs or add individual drums to customise your order here.

“The first thing I noticed about the drums is how incredibly light they are. This makes them ideal for use in educational settings that involve young children or older children who may find holding the instrument difficult.

The real benefit of these instruments is that the drumhead has been printed with graphics of the hand positions to show exactly where to play the drum to achieve the correct sounds. The construction is solid, they have good tone, are good to look at, and are fun to play.”

Andy Gleadhill - Percussion Plus Global Ambassador

“The judges agreed that Andy Gleadhill's 'Slap Djembe' is an original and comprehensive resource for teachers: Perfect for visual learners, well planned and sequenced, with an innovative use of video. The judges were particularly impressed with how the resource engaged with rhythm and notation in a culturally sensitive and progressive way.”

Music and Drama Education awards judging panel

Now including Andy Gleadhill's Slap Djembe

Whether you are a percussion expert or have never taught music before, Andy Gleadhill's Slap Djembe is the best introduction to playing and teaching the djembe. Utilising an innovative, accessible notation this award winning resource features 12 rhythms from all corners of the globe with additional content, insightful performance notes as well as 10 weekly lessons that can be applied to any tune in the book. That's 120 lessons, planned for you! Click HERE to find out more...

Let's play together

With these Slap Djembes from Percussion Plus, you get a great looking high-quality instrument with an innovative 'how to play' guide printed on the drum skin. There are many different techniques used to produce tones on a djembe and any of these can be used on our djembes. The printed graphic on the head of the drum offers suggested hand positions for the three main tones on a djembe: slap, tone, and bass.

With this easy method, teaching and learning is simple and allows you to tailor your class to include visual as well as instructive and aural learners, providing an inclusive way into music making for all levels and abilities.

Fun look, vibrant sound

The colourful pattern wrapped around and bonded to the drum gives a fun look suitable for classes and personal use, as well as festivals, demonstrations, and events. Their lightweight body and carrying strap also allows for easy transportation between and during playing sessions or events.

The design on the drum head shows examples of hand positions that can be employed to obtain a fabulous variety of tones from the drum, from punchy bass to cracking highs. When you hit the skin, let your hand bounce back allowing the sound to ring.

The Bass

The best sound is achieved in the centre of the drum. Keep your palm flat and stiff and strike the drum firmly.

The Tone

Straighten all your fingers at the same time. There are numerous hand positions that can be used to create the tone. Think of your hand as a straight extension of your arm, and you should get a solid ‘thud’ sound.

The Slap

This stroke can be played in the same position as the tone, the difference is that one relaxes the hand and arm to hit the drum with a slap-like motion. Spreading your fingers out slightly when they strike the djembe helps create a crisp clear sound.

10 player pack6", 4 x 8", 1 x 10", 1 x 12" pre-tuned djembes
15 player pack5 x 6", 5 x 8", 3 x 10", 2 x 12" pre-tuned djembes