Slap Djembes - rope tuned

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8 inch (head)
10 inch (head)
12 inch (head)
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  • Superior rope tuned slap djembes
  • Synthetic drum heads with screen-printed surface
  • Pre-stretched double strung nylon rope tuning
  • Sarong wrapped head ring
  • Heat sealed cotton cloth exterior
  • Booming, loud bass tones and whip-crack highs
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Djembes are becoming ever popular with classes starting up in schools, music hubs, and your local community centre. Nothing matches the joy of making music together and these classes are not only great as music education for youngsters, but also as a fun and therapeutic activity for all ages

Slap Djembes come with a wealth of features making them easy to play, transport, and most importantly giving them a great sound. A great design, well-tuned drum head and durable construction - everything you need for your group sessions, performances, and demonstrations.

Let's play together

With these Slap Djembes, you get a great looking high-quality instrument with an innovative 'how to play' guide printed on the drum skin. The printed graphic on the head of the drum demonstrates the hand positions for the three main tones on a djembe: slap, tone, and bass.

With this easy method, teaching and learning is simple and allows you to tailor your class to include visual as well as instructive and aural learners, providing an inclusive way into music making for all levels and abilities.

Fun look, vibrant sound

The colourful pattern wrapped around and bonded to the drum gives a fun look suitable for classes and personal use, as well as festivals, demonstrations, and events. Their lightweight body and carrying strap also allows for easy transportation between and during playing sessions or events.

The design on the drum head shows where the hand should strike the drum in order to obtain a fabulous variety of tones, from punchy bass to cracking highs. When you hit the skin, let your hand bounce back allowing the sound to ring.

The Bass

The best sound is achieved in the centre of the drum. Keep your palm flat and stiff and strike the drum firmly.

The Tone

Straighten all your fingers at the same time. Aim to strike the drum so that the joint where your fingers join your hand (at the first knuckle) is at the rim of the drum. Think of your hand as a straigh extension of your arm, and you should get a solid 'thud' sound.

The Slap

Played around the edge of the drum. Relax your hand and arm, and hit the drum with a slap-like motion. Spread your fingers out slightly when they strike the edge of the djembe.

Each djembe comes pre-tuned with double stringing for a stable sound that won’t detune after each performance. The durable polyester heads also provide a tactile playing surface for an authentic feel. Available in a range of sizes and packs, this range of djembes are designed to suit a range of groups and individuals.

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