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  • Exciting new generation of the iconic Slap Djembe range
  • Classic instructive drumhead for easy teaching and learning!
  • Vibrant, inclusive ‘world’ design on body
  • Robust synthetic one-piece shell for maximum durability
  • Fantastic sound quality with crisp slap, deep tone and booming bass
  • Made by the world’s foremost djembe manufacturers in Bali
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Introducing the Percussion Plus World Slap Djembe pre-tuned
New for 2024!

The new generation of Percussion Plus’ mega-popular Slap Djembes is here! Manufactured in the world’s premier Djembe factory in Bali, these fantastic educational drums are more durable, resonant and vibrant than ever. With their instructive drumheads and robust construction, Slap Djembes make a brilliant addition to any music education setting.

Designed to stand the test of time in classroom environments, the strong yet lightweight design amplifies their accessibility without compromising on sound; the booming bass acts as a foundation, with crisp slaps and deep resonant tones providing the exciting variety that makes these djembes ideal for group music lessons.

Supplied either rope tuned or pre-tuned and in a range of sizes, the World Slap Djembe range encourages you to form your own djembe circle and get playing. They are fantastic tools for SEND learning, Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET) and can even be used as part of CPD programmes for teachers looking to develop their musical options and skills!

Immaculate construction in leading Bali factory

These World Slap Djembes are now made in a superb world-leading djembe manufacturing facility in Bali. Each drum is subject to rigorous quality control and features a sophisticated one-piece body construction. This ensures a lively and consistent sound, a sleek profile, and enhanced durability. The lightweight, sturdy construction is an essential benefit for constant use in education. Plus, the rubber-coated base prevents slipping, crucial for the physical demands of playing.

An innovative teaching tool

Slap Djembes are not only sturdy and attractive but also provide great teaching aids. The screen-printed, instructional drumheads make classroom music teaching that bit easier by showing students exactly where they need to hit the drum to make different sounds. This helps to speed up the learning process, allowing more time to focus on rhythm, ensemble, dynamics and other musical elements.

Durable, synthetic drum head

The synthetic head is precisely stretched for optimal resonance, ensuring it withstands even the most enthusiastic players! This material also provides all-weather protection against excessive stretching, humidity and changes in temperature, preventing tuning problems and excessive drying. These qualities make the World Slap Djembes the pinnacle in educational and sustainable drumming, supporting hundreds of lessons over many years to come.

Striking, multicultural design

The ‘World’ design embodies the inclusive spirit of djembe drumming and of Percussion Plus' ethos. Inspired by Andy Gleadhill's Slap Djembe, the map-style sarong-wrapped shell immerses students in a multicultural learning experience. It’s visually striking too, with many flags providing great colourful diversity atop a deep blue oceanic background that looks great in any lighting.

A djembe for every scenario

These djembes are available either pre-tuned (incredibly lightweight and convenient) or rope tuned (more adaptable and traditional), allowing you to select the right type of drum for your circumstances. Better still, they come in a variety of sizes. 6", 7", 8", 10" and 12". There are also a range of djembe packs - brilliantly convenient, and cost effective, for schools and drum groups.

This size selection has the extra benefit of adding variety to the soundscape of your Djembe circle, producing an extensive mix of pitches and dynamics to engage the entire ensemble, and ensuring that there's a suitable option for players of all sizes too!

Goes perfectly with Andy Gleadhill’s Slap Djembe book

Whether you are a percussion expert or have never taught music before, Andy Gleadhill's Slap Djembe is the best introduction to playing and teaching the djembe. Utilising an innovative, accessible notation this award-winning resource features 12 rhythms from around the globe with insightful performance notes and 10 weekly lessons that can be applied to any tune in the book. That's 120 lessons, planned for you!

What’s more, a raft of additional content is provided alongside the book, including video guides, audio samples and interactive whiteboard-compatible resources, designed specifically for the classroom. Click HERE to find out more.

How to play the Slap Djembe

The design on the drumhead shows examples of hand positions that can be employed to obtain a fabulous variety of tones from the drum, from punchy bass to cracking highs. When you hit the skin, let your hand bounce back allowing the sound to ring.

The area in the centre of the drum produces a warm and full bass tone. To play a good bass, the djembe must be struck in the middle of the drumhead with the hand slightly cupped, palm down, and returning quickly from the drum. Use your whole arm and pretend that you are bouncing a basketball; this will result in the perfect action for playing good bass tones!

Bass demo

Straighten all your fingers at the same time. Aim to strike the drum so that the joint where your fingers meet your hand (at the first knuckle) is at the rim of the drum. Think of your hand as an extension of your arm and remember not to keep it on the drum, but to let it bounce back from the drumhead as soon as you’ve played the note. This will produce a clear, ringing ‘tone’, with good projection.

Tone demo

This is played around the edge of the drum. Relax your hand and arm and hit the drum with a slapping motion. Spread your fingers out slightly when you strike the edge of the drum for a whipping crack sound. For an even more distinctive and muted slap, hold one hand down in the middle of the drum in the bass position, while simultaneously playing the slap tone on the edge of the drum.

Muted slap demo

Open slap demo

Head diameterHeightWeight
Rope tuned PP695312"59cm3.05kg
Rope tuned PP695210"50cm2.1kg
Rope tuned PP69518"42cm1.5kg
Rope tuned PP69507"32cm1kg
Pre-tuned PP693310"50cm1.4kg
Pre-tuned PP69328"42cm1.2kg
Pre-tuned PP69317"32cm0.75kg
Pre-tuned PP69306"27cm0.45kg
Body materialLightweight PVC
Base materialNon-slip rubber
Head/skin materialSynthetic
Tuning methodPre-tuned
Warranty5 year extended