Percussion Plus Harmony soprano diatonic xylophone

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  • Supplied with 16 notebars (13 diatonic notes + 2xF# and 1xBb)
  • Solid ply resonator box
  • Prime quality removable Padauk notebars
  • Comes with beaters
  • Versatile for use in a school environment
  • Pair with PP7024 to make a full chromatic instrument
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Introducing the Percussion Plus Harmony soprano diatonic xylophone

This solid wooden soprano xylophone is popular with teachers and is perfect for an ensemble, music therapy session or class music lesson. It’s built to last and designed with a wooden lip on each side so it can be picked up and moved easily, making it the ideal choice for schools. Perfectly tuned, these xylophones are tried and tested by musicians to ensure they meet an extremely high standard.

This xylophone has a 13 note diatonic range from C52 – A73. It also contains 2 x F# and 1 x Bb which enables you to play in the keys of either F or G major, enormously expanding the potential repertoire.

Create a fully chromatic xylophone

Pair the PP7023 diatonic xylophone with the PP7024 chromatic half soprano xylophone to create a fully chromatic instrument. Great for older students or more advanced players.

Built with quality wood

This xylophone has a durable design made from strong and resonant tonewoods. The removable notebars are made from Padauk, giving them a great and rounded sound, while the solid ply resonator box keeps the instrument sturdy when played.