Percussion Plus Harmony alto xylophone with coloured note bars

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  • Prime quality removable Paduk coloured notebars
  • Set in a wooden resonator box
  • Alto xylophone (C40 - A61)
  • Supplied with 16 notebars (13 diatonic notes + 2xF# and 1xBb)
  • Excellent for music education settings
  • Comes complete with beaters and 3 spare note bars
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Introducing the Percussion Plus Harmony alto diatonic xylophone with coloured note bars

Percussion Plus have produced and incredibly sturdy alto diatonic (white note) xylophone with coloured note bars which would make a great addition to any classroom or ensemble.

The note bars, ranging from C40 - A61 are mounted to a highly durable and solid wood frame, allowing the sound to carry exceptionally well. Like all the other models in the Percussion plus Harmony line-up, the alto xylophone has precision cut tone bars for exceptionally accurate tuning and the quality of the sound is superb.

The instrument comes complete with 2 beaters and also three extra notes, 2 x F# and 1 x Bb, so as well as playing in the key of C you can also change to the key of F and G major.

Accurately tuned, padauk note bars

The attractive and brightly coloured note bars are perfect for any school environment and will be thoroughly enjoyed by any young student. They are produced from padauk and are accurately tuned with an exceptional build quality. The design will last well in challenging classroom environments and the wooden lip on each side also allows for it to be easily picked up and moved.

The Percussion Plus orchestra

Teaching a full class of young musicians is rewarding, but when everyone is playing different instruments we know it can be a challenge. One of the most attractive features of these Rainbow xylophones is their compatibility with a range of other classroom instruments. Each of the keys are vibrantly coloured according to our colour matching note system, which means that anyone can enjoy playing without requiring any knowledge of musical notation.

These note bars have been coloured-coded so that they match the following products:

So, what are you waiting for - start your Percussion plus Orchestra today!