Wak-a-Caps pitch changer for Wak-a-Tubes

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  • Fits any Wak-a-Tube
  • Lowers the pitch of a tube by one octave
  • Sold as pack of 8 caps
  • Made in the UK
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Cover one end of any Wak-a-Tube with one of these yellow plastic Wak-a-Caps to lower its pitch by an octave. Comes as a pack of 8 Caps.

Wak-a-Tubes are brightly coloured percussion instruments made from different lengths of plastic tubing. They’re fun and easy for musicians of all ages to play – simply whack them against a hard surface, hit them against each other, or lay them out on a flat surface and strike them with beaters.

Playing Wak-a-Tubes in a group is a great way to learn about teamwork and ensemble musicianship while having lots of fun. Unsurprisingly, this has made them very popular with schools.

As a general rule, the bigger the tube, the lower its pitch. It can be fun to experiment with dynamics and timbre by varying the material the tubes are hit against, and the velocity with which they are struck. And don’t worry – they’re virtually indestructible!

The complete range of tubes spans a fully chromatic range of 2 octaves (from C3-C5), but it’s possible to extend this down a further octave (to C2) when the Wak-a-Tubes are used in conjunction with Wak-a-Caps.

They're perfectly tuned and colour coded to match other instruments in the Percussion Plus Colour Matching Note System. This includes PP271 & PP274 handbells, PP275 & PP276 combi bells, PP273 desk bells, PP935 chime bars, and PP015 hand chimes among others – so what are you waiting for? Start your Percussion Plus orchestra today!

Please note: No Wak-a-Tubes are included with this product.