Wak-a-Tubes stand - holds up to 13 tubes

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  • Wooden stand with holes to fit Wak-a-Tubes
  • Designed to arrange PP790 diatonic set with PP791 accidentals add-on set
  • Will fit any length of Wak-a-Tubes
  • Convenient storage solution
  • Also serves as a colourful display
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The PP798 Wak-a-Tube stand from Percussion Plus provides excellent storage for up to a complete chromatic octave of Wak-a-Tubes. It has a row of eight holes to accommodate the PP790 diatonic set, with a second set of 5 holes positioned so that the PP791 chromatic notes can be arranged in the appropriate positions for the chromatic scale.

As well as being a great way to protect the ends of your Wak-a-Tubes from damage, a PP798 stand filled with Wak-a-Tubes also provides a colourful addition to the classroom or home. The tubes can also be played with beaters whilst in the stand, although the tone will be muted by one end of the tubes being closed off.