Percussion Plus Hammer Series steel pan concert band pack

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  • *ALL pans now have a painted exterior, matching the cello and bass pans appearance*
  • 2x Painted lead pans with stand
  • 2x Painted double seconds pans with stand
  • 1x Painted triple cello pans with stand
  • 1x Painted six bass pans with rubber feet
  • Includes mallets for all pans, and a small selection of sheet music for the whole ensemble
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Introducing the Percussion Plus Hammer Series steel pan concert band pack

Steel pans package deal

Get a huge discount when you order this deluxe ensemble pack. It contains all the instruments and accessories you'll need to form a steel pan orchestra including:

  • 2x Lead pans with stands and mallets PP9100
  • 2x Double seconds pans with stands and mallets PP9105
  • 1x Painted triple cello pans with stands and mallets PP9120
  • 1x Painted six bass pans with rubber feet and mallets PP9125
  • Small selection of sheet music arrangements for the whole band

Please note: all pans now have a black powder coated exterior with a matte grey playing surface to match the cello and bass pans appearance.

What’s in the box?

This model comes supplied with 2 rubber tip mallets and a complete chrome stand. The stand itself has been made with high quality materials so you can be sure of it being solid and sturdy.

It comes on wheels so you are able to easily move it around between practices and it is also collapsible and adjustable so you can make sure that the stand is the right height for you.

More about the Hammer series steel pan range

Often incorrectly referred to as steel drums, the whole instruments vibrate to make their characteristic Caribbean sound which means they are properly classified as 'idiophones', the same family as cymbals.

Panyard have been manufacturing exceptional instruments since 1990 and the mid-range Percussion Plus Hammer Series contains the best quality affordable pans in the world.

Constructed in USA from specially made steel, they are then tuned and finished by experienced constructors. They are a great option for school as students are permitted to experiment using different playing techniques so they can experience the different methods in which the Hammer series drums can be played.

Did you know?

Steel pans are relatively young instruments that have become phenomenally popular in recent years, particularly with school music departments and events organisers. They originated in Trinidad and Tobago in the 1930s and are traditionally recycled from 55 gallon chemical containers.

Both steel pans and steel drums refer to the same thing. Steel pan players will often use rolls, which are rapid fire playing of the same note many times to create a more continuous sound. This allows for stimulated playing of longer notes that maintain their strength rather than decaying such as a single hit would produce