Honestly Made Ocean quest pack

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  • Part of the Percussion Plus Honestly Made range of musical instruments, produced ethically in developing nations
  • All items are crafted using traditional materials and methods
  • Explore the sounds of the sea and weather with this inspiring pack
  • Ideal for classroom use for up to 9 players
  • Contains 20 'teachers help' activities focussing on KS1 & 2
  • Contents may vary slightly
  • Responsibly sourced
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Introducing the Percussion Plus Honestly Made Ocean Quest pack

Discover the sounds of the sea with this ocean quest pack from the Percussion Plus Honestly Made range. Create the crash of ocean waves, a rumble of thunder and the call of birds overhead - all with this pack.

Perfect for use in the classroom, allow your students to experiment with the instruments and create their own sound scape. This pack also includes 20 ‘teachers help’ activities to help and inspire, focussing on KS1&2.

This Ocean Quest pack is sourced using Fair trade principles. See below for more information about the Honestly Made range of musical instruments from Percussion Plus.

These items are musical instruments, not toys, and there may be small parts on or in some of them. Younger players should use them under supervision. Please note, contents may vary slightly.

under supervision.

The pack contents

This pack typically contains 10 instruments, including an ocean drum, gong with beater, thunder shaker, 5 x bird whistles and a jingle stick. All items are hand crafted by independent makers using traditional materials and methods.