Acme large brass thunderer finger whistle - nickel plated

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  • Produces a strong, alerting sound
  • Perfect for sports referees or lifeguards
  • Perfect for sports referees or lifeguards
  • A good utility for private security workers
  • Comes with fully adjustable cushioned brass fingergrip
  • Made in the UK by Acme Whistles for Percussion Plus
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Introducing the Acme large brass thunderer finger whistle - nickel plated

The Acme large thunderer whistle produces a large deep tone and a sound that carries in all environments. It is a reliable choice for referees of loud intense football or rugby matches, lifeguards in pools or on the beach, and even even private security workers.

The thunderer whistle produces a reliably consistent tone, and as a pea whistle it allows users to make an interesting variety of more intricate and specific sounds by adjusting the airflow to produce a rolling trill with a range of effects.

A whistle you'll never lose

This whistle comes attached to a fully adjustable cushioned brass fingergrip, which makes it even better for sports referees who inevitably end up getting entangled in the game. Having a lanyard around your neck whilst running around for 90 minutes might be irritating, whereas this fingergrip solution is sure to remain inconspicuous, inoffensive and effective.

Hand made in the UK

To this day Acme police whistles are manufactured in Birmingham using the original techniques and machinery from the 1800s. Outstanding craftsmanship and strict quality testing ensure every whistle is of the highest standard.

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